Who We Are

  • Since 1998, in cooperation with its member companies, CERE indentifies and implements transnational and trans-regional projects, whether they are part of international support programmes or independently financed.
  • Through cooperation with national and international networks, CERE is able to clearly structure processes and goals which further link current research cognitions to corporate practices on a sustainable, day-to-day basis.
  • Ongoing analysis of tenders and possibilities for export, direct contact and the use of existing information networks enables CERE to compile and fast forward to its members relevant detailed information on international projects and support programmes.
  • In order to optimize the support for its partner companies, CERE aims to advance connections with Austrian, European, and non-European organizations, institutions, and companies.   It thereby gathers and prepares data on the regional and global markets.
  • CERE specializes in partner network management. Services in this area, range from project development and management to public relations.  This also includes team coordination, coaching, expert workshops, specialist meetings, advice on support schemes, as well as the entire process management and handling of applications for support and project proposal submissions.

How We Schedule Our Work

  • Planning
  • Hard Work
  • Administration